Hackathon ’17

 About Hackathon

Microsoft Club DAIICT presents Hackathon ’17. It is an initiative taken by the club to bring out creativity in young minds and transform it into a working application. If you have a penchant for developing innovative apps, this is the perfect opportunity for you to show off your skills. Participants can develop an app on any platform be it a web app or a mobile app. Form groups of maximum five, develop an app in next 36 hours on a given theme and win loads of prizes. A panel of experts in this field will judge your work. Don’t miss this opportunity and register as soon as possible, as we have limited number of seats. During Hackathon , we would provide food and other basic stuff like wifi, charging ports etc. Bring your resources like laptops with you.

Registration Fees: ₹100/- Per Person

Last date of registration is 6th Jan 2017  till 02:00 PM


The event is divided into following phases:

  1. Registration and announcement of the theme.
  2. Built a working app on platform you wish in 36 hours.
  3. At the end, give a small presentation in front of experts.
  4. Winners will be awarded with prizes.


  • There can be minimum 1 and maximum 5 members in a team.
  • To ensure a level field for all contestants, all code, design, etc. assets must be created/developed during the Hackathon only, so that all the participants start off on the same footing.
  • Internet and Wifi connectivity will be provided throughout the event.
  • To participate in the Hackathon, each member of the team, must attend the Hackathon event and be registered for the Hackathon. Participants may register for the Hackathon online through the website.
  • The Team should identify a “team leader” at the time of registration itself.
  • App development can be done on mobile and web platforms.
  • Participants should bring their own resources(Laptops,chargers etc.) .
  • It is mandatory for the participants to bring their personal identity proof.
  • Theme for App development will be provided on the time of the Hackathon itself only.
  • Any member of the team can take break for refreshments at any time.
  • In case of any dispute, the decision taken by event heads will be final.
  • If any participant is found to be cheating, the whole team will be disqualified.
  • Coding should be done in the specified time only. No Extra time shall be provided.
  • There should not be any virtual member.(i.e. A member who is not part of the team may not take part virtually by sending mails or helping the team in a manner whatsoever.)Any team found involved in such activity would straight away be disqualified.
  • No type of PLAGIARISM would be entertained.Any team found doing so will be disqualified straight away.


6th Friday 2017 7th Saturday 2017  8th Sunday
07:00 PM  –  Registrations 08:00 AM –  Breakfast  08:00 AM –  Breakfast
07:30 PM  – Welcome address and theme revelation 11:00 PM –  Mentoring session  10:00 AM  –  Hackathon Ends
08:00 PM – Dinner 12:00 PM –  Lunch  11:00 AM  –  Expo
12:00 AM  –  Midnight Snacks 05:00  PM –  Snacks  12:00 PM  –  Lunch
09:00 PM – Dinner  01:00 PM – Presentation to Jury
03:30 PM – Tea Break
04:00 PM – Presentation Continue
05:30 PM – Awards and closing ceremony


Satkar Restaurant